Thursday, August 13, 2009

Beanpie: The Bootleg Hustler

I love to show love...even if it's to Canadians (*smile*).

I recently was put onto this dope "story" of Beanpie, the Bootleg Hustler. Beanpie: The Bootleg hustler is an ongoing series. It follows Randolph Ethelwood aka Beanpie in his quest to become "The Ultimate Hustler". Equipped with a knack for shams, a group of not so supportive friends, and a terrible English accent he tries to make it. Aside from the main story, there are many other stories that explain all of the characters. A Lost Shams Mixtape, a day with his little brother Tailgate, and an Ice Juicy blog to help you understand the other characters.

Beanpie is an eStory written and released weekly for and Facebook. However his journey has just begun. The authors are currently compiling the material required for the release of a comic style book, and they hope to get the funding to create a short film that will debut at the opening of the Film Festival in Toronto.

Check out the story here:

Follow the author, Shaun Bolden here on twitter:

Love is love.

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