Monday, August 31, 2009

The most romantic moment in my life...

I was enthralled in fantasy this past week. I have a tendency to want to romanticize my life. I am waiting on that epic love story to happen...I am being a typical woman. No I am not waiting to be saved, but I am waiting for that moment when nothing else matters. It's hard because I want a man who has it all, because I want it all and will give my all. However, my fantasies are full of romance and love and sensual moments shared between me and *whoever* I am fancying at the moment. Once I no longer can see you in my fantasies, I no longer want you. Is that horrible?

Anyway this past week I have been recounting the most "romantic" moment in my life. My friends and I were discussing romance, and these ladies have stories about romantic getaways, rose petals on the bed, the naked under the trench coat, feeding know, the usual. I have to admit I am slightly jealous. When I think of my romantic life, I can think of ONE instance that held me captive, only to be let down. And it wasn't with a boyfriend. The irony.

When I was 18/19, I had a crush on this guy. He was fine, captivating, and a great friend. He made me laugh and when I needed him, he was always down to help me. However, he was my ex-boyfriend's friend. Now see I had no problem giving it to this guy, my ex was a loser and got a freshman (in high school) pregnant and was seeing his current wife while he was dating me. So this man moved on, and I wanted to move on to "C". I did all the typical things girls do to get a man's attention: put on make up, wear sexy cute clothes, flirted so hard it was borderline slutacious.

So fast forward, C was fixing my brakes on my car. I was at his house, we were in inside for some reason. No one else was there, and I figure this man will give it up now. He tells me he thinks he saw my ex drive by. We looked out the window. We were so close that all we needed to be was naked. I turned to him and looked up, he looked down. And for that moment, I was filled with all the emotions that love stories are made of. It was raining, my chest was heaving, I wanted this man more than life itself. He stared at me and his eyes were filled with desire. He says to me "let's test the brakes and walks away." My feelings were all types of hurt. But when I think of romance and love, I think of that moment...but it ends very differently. Not with sex, but with the most passionate kiss. I did end up getting that kiss later but that was it.

He later proclaimed he wanted me but couldn't because I dated his friend.
Life is funny.

I want romance.

Friday, August 28, 2009

New Product Blog: Burt Bees Natural Acne Products

Recently I was given the opportunity via BzzAgent to try out Burt Bees Natural Acne Products. It's a 4 step treatment that consists of a cleanser, scrub, moisturizing lotion, and spot treatment. I received the gel cleanser and the spot treatment. The products contain willow bark, the ingredient that salicylic acid is derived from.

Okay first off, the gel cleanser is 99.5% natural. And it reminds me of lemon joy but thinner. To get a good lather you have to basically lather it in your hands, then put it on your face. And I find that I use more of it than I wish. But that is how Burt bees products are. They do not contain sulfates which is the ingredient that causes that great lather a lot of people love. However, I will admit that my face feels super clean when I am done and it's not drying at all. After using acne treatments my face usually feels very tight, not true with this. The gel cleanser only has 1 % salicylic acid, so for people with mild acne or sensitive skin, this is perfect! I really like this cleanser and the citric smell wakes me up in the morning.

The spot treatment I only used twice and both times, I woke up to a clear face. It's a liquid, so I had to be careful not to spill it. The treatment is 100% natural and has a .75% concentration of salicylic acid. Just a little dab on your break out and its' gone.

So overall I'd rate this product a 4 out of 5. I love the fact that it doesn't dry out my skin and I like having a clear face. I haven't had any break outs since I started using it. The only draw back is the liquidness of the cleanser. I wish it was a bit thicker. If you want to join BzzAgent, please click on the banner below! You will see my profile and you can sign up.

BzzAgent Badge

Friday, August 21, 2009

Girlie Blog: Mixed Chicks on 4a/b hair

Okay so a month ago I posted about the Total Beauty quiz and the products Total Beauty recommended I try for my hair. They said Mixed Chicks deep conditioner. I decide to purchase the mixed chicks sample pack. The trio pack has a sample of shampoo, deep conditioner, and leave in. It's 99 cents. However, shipping is about $8. So I got 3 sample packs, and spent $10.

I have to be honest, when I first went to the site I was rolled my eyes. There was no one with hair like ME on the site. And it is called "Mixed Chicks" so that kind of made me think "This is not for me." But I went ahead and purchased the sample packs (I hate paying shipping but the order came quickly and via UPS so really I can't be mad).

First the shampoo: I got to be honest, I wasn't feeling it. The shampoo would NOT lather for me and I am all about the lather. And some of you may say "oh lather is bad, etc, etc" but this shampoo does have a sulfate so the fact I had to go crazy to make my hair bubbly was not great. I have super thick hair, and it was soaked in water. The second wash was better, but they usually are. However, I found the shampoo did nothing for my hair. I could have washed with anything else in my closest, or on my floor, or in the plastic thing...I have shampoo all over.

Deep Conditioner: This is actually pretty good. I put it on for a few minutes while I finished my shower. My hair felt soft and moisturized as I rinsed. My kinks weren't as dry and my hair was very easy to manage. So far so good however I want to try this again...I can't honestly judge a DC on one try. I know cheaper ones that work better, esp for MY type of hair. And this is a big issue. With thicker, kinkier hair, I feel I need MORE than the average person. This is a decent deep conditioner. It worked a lot better on my friend's 3b hair who I used these products on too (and the shampoo still sucked so it wasn't me...)

Leave In: I definitely need to try this again but as of today, I like it. 4a/b hair is little to no curl pattern. My hair ranges from curls the size of coffee stirrers to no curls. This product did a great job at defining the different curls. I don't like how it feels on my hands. My hair dries a little hard, then goes back to being soft. This is just odd to me. However, I LOVE the curl definition. I want to try this again when I am wearing my afro to see how that works for me. But this is a great product. I like it alot.

So what can I say? The leave in right now is my favorite. And that wasn't even what I was looking into. I would suggest anyone who wants to use the products and has type 4a/b hair like myself to get the sample pack first. $10 might seem funky for 3 packs but they are very generous with the samples. I could use the shampoo and conditioner for two different washes. The leave in last much longer depending on how often you use it. I don't hate the products, I think the are for people with hair different from mine. Once I get a new camera (I am halfway to getting my new Kodak Easyshare 10MP camera from amazon...please get familiar with the make money blog) I can take pictures and I will include one of my hair after I use the leave in so people can see how that works.

Next Review: Neutrogena Daily Deep Moisturizer. Probably next month.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Beanpie: The Bootleg Hustler

I love to show love...even if it's to Canadians (*smile*).

I recently was put onto this dope "story" of Beanpie, the Bootleg Hustler. Beanpie: The Bootleg hustler is an ongoing series. It follows Randolph Ethelwood aka Beanpie in his quest to become "The Ultimate Hustler". Equipped with a knack for shams, a group of not so supportive friends, and a terrible English accent he tries to make it. Aside from the main story, there are many other stories that explain all of the characters. A Lost Shams Mixtape, a day with his little brother Tailgate, and an Ice Juicy blog to help you understand the other characters.

Beanpie is an eStory written and released weekly for and Facebook. However his journey has just begun. The authors are currently compiling the material required for the release of a comic style book, and they hope to get the funding to create a short film that will debut at the opening of the Film Festival in Toronto.

Check out the story here:

Follow the author, Shaun Bolden here on twitter:

Love is love.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Do Better Movement: Challenge Yourself

I want to start off this week right. Last week was very complicated.

I was reminded of the "Do Better Movement", a movement started by someone, some years ago...I honestly don't remember where it came from. Essentially the movement is about doing YOU and making the most of your life. You strive to better yourself in all areas of your life and become the best person you can be. I am always on this mission, even those days when I am down and out. I try to limit my complaints because I do know I am blessed. And that's what this blog is about: BLESSINGS.

Count your blessings everyday. Make a joyful noise until the Lord (Psalms 100). I think a lot of times we get caught up in our of lives and our own problems that we forget to give thanks to the most high (whoever He/She/They may be to you). Our lives may not be how we planned, but they are our own and we strive every day to make our lives the best they can be. I know that quality of life is all relative. I can not compare my life or struggles to the next person, because all emotions are valid. If you feel your life is horrible, it probably is...but not because of the reasons YOU think. I feel that if you alive, if you are posting on the internet, if you live have a roof over your head, if you have food in your are blessed. Even if you don't believe you are.

Okay so let me get off my platform...onto the "Challenge". It's simple.

Do something for someone else.

That's it. On twitter last week, I asked people to give to their local schools. The new school year starts in a few weeks, there are a lot of kids who do not have school supplies. $5 goes a long way at the Dollar Store (I got 4 packs of paper, two packs of pencils, one pack of pens, and some crayons) and I actually gave to a local shelter. Donate old clothes and shoes to local shelters or the Salvation Army. All my product junkies, if you have extras (and I KNOW you ladies do), take them to a women's shelter that can use them. We all want to feel beautiful. It's really the little things in life that can do so much.

If you have children, involve them too. This is about helping your community. Get them to pick out items, and go with you to deliver them. I don't do anything for praise. I try to take stuff and drop it off in the room and be out. Last time I gave out school supplies, some of the kids cried and I couldn't take it. $5 people.

It's not hard.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Top 10: Songs that turn chicks into hoes on the flo'

This is a fun offense. But do you notice that when certain songs come on in "urban" clubs, chicks get wild?!?!?! I won't even front, my ass gets on the floor too. So I made a Top 10 List of Songs that turn chicks into hoes on the flo'. In my own order....

10. "Every Girl Drake, Lil Wayne, and the other dude: This is a relatively new song but for some reason as soon as 'I like a long hair thick red bone' drops, the hoe comes out. And then it's like 'I'mma get in and on that pussy, if she let me hit I'mma OWN that pussy' and girls is like "YES LIL WAYNE. This pussy is YOURS!!!"

9. "Best of Me(remix)" Mya feat Jay Z: This song is about cheating. But yet, this is everyone's song in the club.

8. "Nasty Girl" Vanity 6: "I am looking for a man who will do it anywhere, even on the limousine floor....or the club floor. Hoes.

7. "Lap Dance" NERD: "Baby you want me? Well you can get this lap dance here for free" I think I actually gave someone (my man at the time) a lap dance to this song in the middle of Love the Club.

6. "My Neck, My Back" Khia: I first heard this in Miami and every chick stopped what they was doing and starting singing the hook "lick it now, lick it good..." You know the rest.

5. "Big Momma Thang" Lil Kim: So I would put this higher. But after Lil Kim's part, chicks seem to fall off. But everyone KNOWS the first few lines.

4. "Oochie Wallie" Nas and his bodyguards: Yeah, thugs make it hot? Whoever random dude was he killed that joint. I mean, if that's what you like and all.

3. "Lollipop" Lil Wayne: Even white chicks become hoes on this song. I seen chicks pull out suckers when this comes on. the club? My best friend who is far from hood gets beyond hoe-ish when she hears this song drop.

2. "Get Low" Ying Yang and Lil Jon: LET BRUCE BRUCE HIT IT!


"Put it in my mouth" Akinyele

Make some extra money using the internet...

This is NOT a get rich quick blog. This is a "get money for lunch, gas, and a few extras" Blog. The amount of money I make varies on based on ME, nothing else. I can choose to do more or do less each month. Below is a link on the past few months. There are two columns, cash and gift cards. If the gift cards are Mastercard or Visa card, they are included in the "Cash" section. I won't lie, I have been slacking so hard this summer. I usually do twice what you see in the spreadsheet.

Monthly Totals

Here are my top 5 ways to make extra cash:

*sidenote: before starting, I'd suggest you make a separate email account. this way you can log on and just go through everything easier and you don't have to worry about spam*

1. Secret Shopping: Secret shopping is fun because you get to go to your favorite stores and restaurants and get free items or dinner just for reviewing their service. There are A LOT of secret shopping companies around, and you should NOT pay to join a secret shopper database. My favorite "beginner" site is Shopper's Critique. This site allows you to sign up for the jobs you would like to do. When you first join, you can only sign up for one job at a time. But once you are established, you can sign up for as many as you want.

2. Surfing and Shopping on the Internet:
This is the easiest yet slowest way to earn money. Actually at Christmas, if you do all your shopping on line, it works out well. The main sites I use are Swagbucks and MyPoints. With Swagbucks, you collect "points" to redeem for prizes by using their search engine or finding swag codes and entering them online. Mypoints sends out random emails and surveys that give you points. If you shop online, you can go to mypoints, click on the merchant and earn points for spending money. Swagbucks takes a long time. I haven't redeemed for anything yet. Mypoints is as good as you make it. I have redeemed for over 5 Subway gift cards this year. I am saving my points right now to get a $50 gift card. I should be there in a month.

3. Surveys: Surveys are the most lucrative way to get extra money. If you find the right site for your demographics, you can get a lot of money, gift cards, and free products to test. When I say "a lot" I mean $100 a month if you are good. But if you are at home, posting on OKP or twitter anyway, it's nothing to open up another window and start doing surveys. I get a fair amount of products to test out, which can vary from food products to cleaning supplies to clothing items. Below I have listed my favorite sites (with links where applicable). There are some sites that require special invites or referrals. If you follow me on twitter, during open enrollments, I twit about them and send invites to those who want them.

a. Lightspeed Panel: Closed to new people. Will alert when they re-open
b. Pinecone: You have to find a banner, however, I get email referrals sometimes. I will alert to those.
c. Esearch: (pays paypal)
d. MySurvey: (if you want me to refer you then let me know and I will, or you can join on your pressure)
e. E-Rewards: (gift cards and discounts on items)
f. Surveyspot:
g. Greenfield Online: (pays paypal or check I think)

4. ChaCha: Note: you can only join ChaCha when employment is open. This is considered a self employment job. You have to pay taxes on the money you make with them. Basically people send text messages to ChaCha and you answer the questions. I have been doing this over a year. Now, I did NOT include my ChaCha money on the spreadsheet because this is "income" and not "free money". On average, I make $400 a month on ChaCha. This is enough to pay for small bills depending on your situation. Again, if you follow me on twitter, I ALWAYS alert people to when they can join. I have had quite a few people sign up and give up. This is easy work but it's boring. However, if you are at home, chilling...I say open this up in firefox and do it while you b.s.-ing on twitter. There is another site like this, KGB, but I don't work for them. I do believe they are hiring tho...but I am not promoting them.

5. Slick Deals: I LOVE this site!! It's has everything. I am directing you to the forums where you will find Hot Deals ($500 cameras for $100), Free Stuff (samples most of the time plus links to other online surveys that pay. and free magazines), Coupons, Contests and Sweeps, etc. There is a wealth of information on this site and I love it! Every day I go through the freebie section and see if I qualify for any surveys or free items (I am doing a blog for $200 this week). Then I do my contests. I win a lot of stuff, you guys already know. But there is so much on this site, I can't even begin to express how beneficial it is. Join that site, and you will be not be disappointed.

EDIT: I am adding a 6th option.

6. MyLikes: (link is clickable) I just recently started using MyLikes and I like it a lot! LOL. Pun intended. Mylikes is for people who use twitter and facebook basically. You should have at least 300 followers and you have more followers then people you follow. This one is basic, you just tweet ads. You can change up the wording of the ad to make it more appealing and you get paid per click. Simple! They pay you every Friday via paypal. I already have gotten my first payment. I am definitely a fan.

Short and sweet.
This is basically what I do on a daily basis. Like I said before you will not get rich but you will make some extra money, get some free food, or save money on that HDTV that you want for your living room (carolina ware...I know you want one for football season)! My mom always said "half a loaf of bread is better than no loaf" and so I say to you "an extra $50 is better than $0 dollars". If you have any questions or concerns, you know how to find me.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Ebb and Flow...

wax and wane.

My body is filled with a mix of emotions. I feel like I am a Gemini. There are times when I am *high* and floating on cloud nine. And late at night, it hits me and I began to worry and fret. How will I make it? Last night I realized it has been 3 months...unemployment is only good for 6 months. This morning I regrouped and reminded myself that I have money tucked away. I can always move back home (not ideal but I will never be homeless again...) and I hustle.

It is now August. More than half the year is over and I have not progressed too much. Every step forward includes a step back so I am stagnant. I am progressing and regressing at the same time. I contemplated disappearing and going to some foreign lands for a few years and then coming back when "the coast is clear" but I know running from problems does not solve them. They will not disappear. But at least I will not be stressed.

I haven't done anything this year that I wanted to do.
I haven't gone anywhere.
I haven't seen anyone.
I haven't achieved any goal.

But I am not sad...just indifferent. Indifferent to me is better than being sad, but also just as bad. Indifferent means I am not caring anymore. And do not want to not care (does that make sense?!?) The part time brings some joy. It supplements unemployment and it pays well. However, judging by my latest stack of bills, I need about 10 jobs if I want to get out of debt by age 30 (which was the goal of 2009). However, I did get my legal situations and license taken care of and I am $3000 poorer due to my "indifference" about a criminal record and suspended license. This was a crucial setback.

However I persevere. Everyday I wake up, I give thanks to the MOST HIGH that I am alive, that I have a place to live, and good food to eat. I thank Him for my family and friends. And I know things will work out however they are meant to be.

Do not think this is me being "sad" again. This is just a reflection. A reflection on the past 4 months on me losing focus. I am NOT refocused however. I just realized that I am fucking up royally.