Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hypnotized: The Poem (remix version)

This is a poem I wrote last year sometime. A few people loved it, some thought it was gay and sappy. As I reread it (as I do with everything I write), I found myself dislike all the pop references I made in it. I felt like I tried to hard to make it like spoken word. I don't do spoken word, I write. I don't want my poems to read like I should be on a stage at a coffee shop snapping my fingers. That's not me. It doesn't feel classic, so I re-did it. I have about 5 other poems that I really like in the stash box. At my grandmother's house, I have a whole book full. My novel is half done. I am not sure on how to end it, that is still my hold up. But I smile as I read the chapters, so it must be decent. The novel is very urban, and I tried to limit my use of the "n" word but I always fall back into my southside Richmond ways. In any form style.

Hypnotized (the remix)

He hypnotized me.
he intrigues me
he makes me feel good!
Eyes are the windows to the soul and his pierce through to mine
I can't imagine never meeting him, never knowing who he is
I tried to avoid him, but something always reconnects us
It's not about love, it's not about sex
There is a connection
At least that's what he said
He said he knew me from another life when we met
"We must have been married, we must have had kids
We were in love then"
Why can't we be in love now?
I laughed but I felt it too
Is it possible we were together in another life?
I don't feen for his body,
I want his mind
I want him to bless me with all he knows
I want us to build and grow together and do what we were put on this Earth to do
"We are here for a reason" he says
I say he is a King, his presence is beyond overwhelming
He said that I am star, that when I am around I shine so bright, that's all he sees
And it's not about sex, but I give him MY sex
My lips touch his and my eyes beg for him.
Our hearts beat in sync as we reach the height of passion only known by few others
I don't cry out, but I pull him in.
And I hold him tight, I will never let this man go.
Because he intrigues me
He hypnotized me.

*sidenote: This shit is copywritten under my pen name so I dare a mofo to steal this shit.*

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