Thursday, June 4, 2009

Artscape 2009

This morning the line up for Baltimore's annual Artscape was released this year. I was very excited to see who'd perform. In past years it's been Wyclef, LL Cool J, Clipse, Baltimore's own K-SWIFT (R.I.P. sis), and DJ Culture spinning on the ones and twos.

This year it's a bit different. There are no hip hop stars this year. I feel a certain way. The hip hop stars draw heavy so I am slightly confused. This year, the only note worthy performers are Dionne Warwick, Robin Thicke, and Electric Red. Don't get me wrong, you can't be picky about how you see at a FREE festival (especially since this year's African American Heritage Festival will be $5). I am somewhat excited to see Robin Thicke and Electric Red...I am disappointed that they will perform on Sunday. Sunday is the worst day ever for Artscape...everyone comes on Friday and Saturday. If anything, these two acts should have been put on Saturday evening/night.

However, I still be attending. My mother would like to go on Friday. So I might go twice. I always enjoy the "urban" section of the festival. I just wish my book was finished and pressed by that time (it won't be) so I could sell it on the side of the road too.


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  1. that sounds so fun! I hope you hve fun!!