Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Top Ten Must See Hip Hop Movies

I think people be faking the funk when it comes to hip hop. They are not true hip hop heads. They are rap heads. There is a big difference between rap and hip hop. Rap is the music, Hip hop is the lifestyle. However, there are some real hip hop heads out there, and for them I present MY "definitive" list of Hip Hop movies that all hip hop heads MUST see. This is just my list. MINE. No one elses. In no particular order:

1. Wild Style: Released in 1982, this movie is deemed as the FIRST hip hop movie ever. Depicts the essence of hip hop:MC'ing, graffiti, DJ'ing and breakdancing. You ain't know?!?

2. Krush Groove: Basically the story behind Def Jam. It's that simple.

3. Fear of a blackhat: a satire on the state of hip hop in the early 90s. While it pokes fun at hip hop and rappers, the underlining meaning is important because it was based in truth.

4. CB4: This movie is another satire. It is pokes fun at NWA and east cost gangsta rappers. Again, a comedy but it's still important none the less.

5. Beat Street: A hip hop drama of sorts, depicting the hip hop culture in the 80s in New York City. Important to know where the whole movement and lifestyle is from.

6. The Show: Just classic. Shows hip hop at one of it's highest points in the mid 90s. Shows the concert life, and the life of up and coming hip hop starts.

7. Rhyme and Reason: Documentary released in the late 90s. Has interviews with rappers, pays homage to older rappers.

8. Dave Chapelle's Block Party: A day of hip hop in Brooklyn. Again simple. Features some of the best artists in the mid 2000s. I love the live music scene.

9. Hustle and Flow: Fuck what anyone says. This movie is about the struggle. A man doing wrong but trying to do right through music, and how music brings people together. It also shows how there are haters.

10. Brown Sugar: The "love" story of all these movies. Personally, this is one of my favorite movies ever. Not only is it a story about "real" love but a story about the love of hip hop. It's deep.

I saved that one last for a reason. It contains one of my favorite songs of all times.
Erykah Badu: Love of my life


  1. Hey Steph, this top ten list is fantastic. I own Wild Style on DVD and I can watch it over and over again, calssic Hip-Hop Movie. CB4 is great too, so funny, Chris Rock is the man. You can post this to our site and link back to your site. We are trying to create a directory for top ten lists where people can find your site. The coolest feature is you can let other people vote on the rankings of your list.

  2. thanks for the comment, I will definitely check that site out.

  3. saw this on no love for 8mile?

  4. i had planned to add 8 mile...but I then I wanted Hustle and Flow (those were the two it was between). I will not knock that movie. It's 11.

  5. DOPE ASS LIST!!! For real. I had thrown out a week ago, wonder who would be in Krush Groove if they did it today. CB4 was real funny! Block Party was crazy. I co-sign this list for real!

  6. Pretty good list, though I never liked Beat Street though. That movie seemed liked it was trying too hard. It's like when Hollywood discovered Hip Hop.

    Wild Style and Krush Grove were two dope ass movies though.

  7. bloc party is too high Maam....nice list though...

  8. it's in no particular order!!!

  9. I with #10..Brown Sugar "brushed" the true elements of hip-hop. Sure we heard the music in the background as the actors did their thing, and they had a nice skit together as they quoted and reminisced over past rap songs, but the listing it as a "Hip-Hop movie" is a mislabel..or case of mistaken identity..

  10. I don't agree. I have seen the movie several times, and it's got hip hop all over it. From the beginning when Sydney is working on her book, and interviewing some of the greats to when Taye Diggs decides to leave his record label to start a new one that produces "real" music. If I went by what you said, half these movies wouldn't be hip hop (Hustle and Flow...he's a drug dealer). We are talking about hip hop themes. And Like I said, Brown Sugar is a love story. They love hip hop and each other.

  11. co-sign!

    Brown Sugar is one of the greatest definitions of Afro-American love to me, and not simply delegated only to Black people!

    There's a love between two individuals, both for each other, and for the music that brought them together. I own the movie on TWO DVDs and every time I watch it, I think of the greatest loves of my life (bless you, Mz. Badu!), I think of the disapoointments and loss of love, and I definitely think about the rap/hip-hop industry and the roller coaster ride that is my relationship with it.

    This list would have been incomplete without it, and you would have received a very stern e-mail from me had you not put it on here, young lady! LOL, great job Steph!

    (c) Diegonite

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