Monday, May 4, 2009

I am so ghey!

Apparently. According to my friends. I always talk about hot chicks. So let me show you some of the many men I find beyond fly. Outside of the usual suspects (see my facebook! all of them are fine!), let me put you on to the type of man I like. I have what some may call unusual taste. I like the unconventionally beautiful man.

But just some EYE candy for the ladies (or gaydies if you here...)


Thugged out TI:

TRAVIE!! (Gym Class Heroes):

All those fine ass Marley Brothers:

And ole boy from India Arie's Brown Skin
I swear that dude was going to be my boyfriend. I loved him. He was too fine. Goodness. I love my brothers.


  1. OMG!
    Yes, Don Cheadle is on my life. I won't lie. Oooh his brown skin.

  2. gurl...T.I. is so fine!



  3. hmph...where's Maxwell? Michael Ealy (and I'm not even really a fan of light skinned dudes), Idris? We can add the Twilight dude, Robert Pattinson too dammit.