Thursday, May 7, 2009

Day One...

I won't blog each and every day. However, I have gotten some texts and emails asking if I was "okay." I am okay. Really.
This morning I woke up at 7, like I do every morning. My circadian rhythms do not allow me to sleep much longer than that. I decided to work my part time job while I was up. There are contest from 9pm to 9am at my PT and so I decided to try to get a few entries in those last few hours. I actually worked for a quite a few hours this morning, watched some Mathis and entered some contests. I got a call from a job in VA today. The lady wanted to go over some things with me about the job to make sure I *really* wanted. I was actually excited when I got the call, but as I answered all I could think about was how will I get to VA, what will I do, etc, etc. I was overwhelmed with emotions. But she wanted to explain to me that it was only part time, 1500 hours a year. Usually people work 2025 or so. She asked me a few more question then told me that the hiring manager would follow up. So please keep me in your prayers about that.
I applied to a few other jobs. Nothing major. I honestly don't know where to really look. I was told to take a break for a while, go on a vacation then go hard! But it takes time to get a job and last time it took me 6 months. I can't do that this time.

Lunch time I went to KFC and got my free grilled chicken meal. I was there for at least an hour. It started raining and I felt calm. I went home and ate.

I attempted to log back onto my part time job and work some more but I was too tired. I wasn't in the mood to "work". Maybe I do need a break. LOL. I decided to work on my novel.
I pulled out my flash drive and read all three novels on it. I had one on my work computer that I forgot to save, so that is lost. I think that was a short story anyway so it didn't matter. I picked the easier one to complete during this time.

I wrote 3 chapters today. The biggest problem I have in writing is that I re-read the whole novel before I start writing. So each time I sit down, I am re-reading all my chapters to see what can I add, what can I subtract. The words flowed today tho.

I actually took a time out from writing that to write this. There is an application to a job in my purse. It's with the city. I was suppose to complete that today.

Oh well. There is tomorrow.


  1. when you save drafts of your work it's good to save it as the revision #. It's good bc you can always go back to each revision time after time to see what you like and dislike. Redlining also helps too.

  2. i was thinking of using track changes. to keep track of them but I don't do that because if I read the old way I might get too confused. and then I might have to read ALL the revisions. I actually don't change anything, I add more or I change the order of the story. I feel like my chapters are too short and I have no clue how to do book view on MS2007. and i am using Vista. It's all a mess.

  3. alright, i wont ask if you're okay cause i know u are!
    but i will's okay to take a vacay..and it's even okay'er to take it here.
    you work your ass off at everythin u do so while ur on downtown COME DOWN HERE..pleeeeeease!

  4. Kim I think I will be coming soon. Maybe memorial day weekend or the first week in June! but I will come before you go back to Canada