Thursday, April 23, 2009

Love of my life...

(this the updated revised repost of my myspace blog)

guess my first question should be: Are you in love with hip hop? And if so, when did you fall in love with hip hop?

yes I am watching "Brown Sugar" for what might be the 1000th time. I am in love with this movie. I have it on DVD but I still watch it each and every time it comes on tv. Tonight, it's on ABC Family. So now I am curious and I really want to know YOUR share. I'll go first.

When I was younger, I knew rap songs but I wasn't a fan of hip hop. I liked RnB and Pop music. I would listen to Q94 in Richmond every night while writing in my journal. In the margins of my journal, I'd jot down the songs on the top 5 at 10, making notes about which songs were my favorites and which songs I needed to get on cassette single. Then one morning, while getting ready for school I heard "Southernplayalistic". I think I lost it. I was 14.

Dre and Big Boi did their thing on that song. To this day it's one of my favorite hip hop songs of all times. I bought the cd a few weeks later and was in love with the whole thing. So Outkast introduced me to hip hop. LOL. the next cd was Snoop Dogg and then Dr. Dre's "The Chronic". A few months later I was in love with NY. Wu Tang and Smif N Wessun stole my heart. I would recite "bucktown" in my room while my sister would play with her dolls. My then boyfriend said it was weird for girls to like those types of rap songs. Queen Latifah should be more my speed. But hearing about the Gods and the Earths, Supreme Mathematics intrigued me. Raekwon and Ghostface were my niggas. So much so, I swore that I was going to name my first son Raekwon after hearing "Only built for cuban linx" (i can prove this, in my old journals I have a list of boy names and Raekwon repeated quite a few times). You couldn't tell me shit about hip hop.

that was 14 years ago. Half of my life. That's when I fell in love with hip hop. And to this day "southernplayalistic" is my favorite Outkast cd.

WRITER'S NOTE: Okay so I bring this blog back up because Last Friday on Bucktown TV (look to your see those links, and it says bucktown tv live Friday from 12-2...every there) Buckshot was talking about how when you first hear an artist, that's the HIGH point. Kind of like the first time you do drugs, the first high is always the best. So when you first hear an artist that connects to you, you always remember that point. While he was talking all I did was think about Mos Def. How people HATE his new shit now but was so in love with BOBS. I got to be honest, I am in love with "The New Danger". It was different but so good. I loved that he took it to that next level and if you tell me "Boogeyman Song" sucks you a bold face liar. So people are always chasing after that first experience with an artist, so it's hard for an artist to live up to their debut. I get that. I am so paraphrasing right now but you get it.

Either way. First time I heard Mos and Kweli (we all know that's my favorite rapper and I am SO on it right now and this blog is named after his album)

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