Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Invisible Children

A year or two I was introduced to the "Invisible Children of Uganda". I actually saw a flyer for the documentary on another site and frantically searched Youtube to find out more. I managed to watch the whole documentary and was moved to tears. There was a boy, no older than 12, saying he wished he was dead because he had nothing left in life. He'd rather be dead with the rest of his family. I was moved. So recently I found out about national Rescue Day for the Invisible Children. This will take place on April 25. Please visit the site below and learn how you can help. If you can donate money, that would be great too. If not, please help by petitioning your government to help.

Here is the trailer to the movie:

if you are interested in watching the documentary, I would advise you to purchase it. But I know the economy is bad.EDIT: Google video link:

This movie is part of the reason I feel incomplete. I wish there was MORE I could do. I wish I was there, working with these organizations! I was meant for more than just working the menial 9 to 5 I work. I'd rather do something bigger than me! Anyway, check it out. Let me know what you think!


  1. I bought a couple copies of this movie a few years back... very moving. Coming from a family of genocide survivors, this movie really hit home for me.

    This month is actually Genocide prevention month, marking the anniversary of 6 mass genocides (Bosnia, Rwanda, the Holocaust, Cambodia and Armenia). For anyone interested in events going on, check out:

  2. Thanks Maiya!!! I will definitely check it out!