Friday, April 17, 2009

The Coraline Dunks

They finally came! I won them about a month ago. Limited Edition Coraline Dunks. There was only 1000(or 2000) made. However, you can not buy these anywhere BUT ebay and some people got them going for $4000. I would attempt to sale mine but I realized there was no point. Someone got a size 6 (mine are a 5.5) and the are only up to $50. These shoes "costs" $200. So the VERY minimum I would accept is $500 because there was only 50 my size made.

I love them already. I like them a lot with my grey skinny jeans.

This is the bottom of the shoe. Interesting blue color. the inside of the shoe is that color too. I am so in love. Do you like them? do you LOVE them? I do. I have a whole outfit planned if I ever get the chance to go anywhere special. LOL.


  1. You sneaker whore you. They're cute. I wouldn't sell homie.

  2. I am not even a sneaker whore! I won those sneakers. do you know I have TWO pairs of sneakers, some black Flavs and another pair of Flavs (aka air force ones) in like white and cream!