Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Change is Going to come

change (verb) to make the form, nature, content, future course, etc., of (something) different from what it is or from what it would be if left alone: to change one's name; to change one's opinion; to change the course of history.

Everyone I know is talking about "Change" (can we say Obama?)! I don't know if it's the recession, the retrograde of Mercury, or just life in general, but everyone is looking for change. I don't know how many people in my circle have "changed"; religion, location, relationships. It is amazing. I am looking for change too.
I realize now it's time to move on, I think I said this earlier. Last week my boss "talked" to me twice. Once was about my criminal record. She asked me if I lied on my application. I told her that the application asked if I was "convicted" and I have NEVER been convicted of anything. My record doesn't show a conviction, it shows a PBJ. But that's NOT a conviction. And I never lied about it, and if they do background checks, it's readily seen. But she was attitudinal about it. I submitted my papers for an expungement the next day. There was only one other time this was a big deal and it was in 2006. I got offered a job and they rescinded the offer after my finger print check. I should have taken care of this then but no other job ever cared. Either way the first one is being processed, and it takes 90 days. Hopefully that's an exageration and I will be good soon.
The second time was because I sent out a doodle link with possible meeting days before checking her schedule. This shit is honestly stupid and a small mistake. The ironic part is that the ONLY day everyone could meet was the day she was here. So in all actuality it wasn't a problem; I think she is looking for reasons to be upset. I knew that after the first talk. I am just waiting for the "axe" even though I know she has no real reason. But she will probably make an issue where these is one. She kept saying she was "livid" I'd not consult her calendar. Okay I was pressed for time and just sent the link. We got the meeting scheduled, there is no real conflict is there? All I can do is apologize and be more mindful in the future. But that was the straw.
I'd quit now but I don't know how long it will take me to find a new job. I have enough money to be good for 2 months (would have more but alas, I had to get my license back and other car bills popped up). I have my part time job and I can go hard on that and be alright. Either way I have been looking for a new job for two weeks.

I decided to go back to Virginia.

New York would be better but it cost too much and the competition is too steep. That hasn't deterred me from trying, I am just being real. North Carolina is also a choice. I am somewhat hesitant about here. But I have tried. Just waiting on calls. VA is the best choice for now. I'd like to go back and help my grandma. She is alone and working hard. She shouldn't have to at her age.
There are more that I'd like to make. and I am making but this is the biggest decision. I'd like to be out of Baltimore by August. Let's see if I can make this happen.
Wish me luck.

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