Sunday, March 29, 2009

Locs: Yes, No...Maybe

I have to be honest, my hair is killing me. Natural hair is work! I mean, I wear braids will I am waiting to grow my hair out from that super short cut in August. But when I have to deal with my own hair, I am like "damn". It takes me a good 2 hours to go through washing, conditioning, detangling, etc. I am soo low maintenance. It's not funny.
Now I won't even front, for the past...10 years or so, I have debated locs. My old pal, Monte and his wife had locs back in the day. However, they cut them off due to religious reasons (and I got to be honest again, I still think they are confused because MANY main figures of the Christian bible had locs but *they* won't tell you that). Then I saw Goapele. Lord, that woman is gorgeous.

She rocks her hair in so many different styles. I feel in love. I mean my braids are reminiscent of her locs. I can feel that.


So now as I continue on my natural hair journey, I am feenin' for the locs. My poor hair dresser (shout out to Native African Hair Braiding in Baltimore) hates me!! I have the thickest hair of all. and it loves to curl up extra short. I don't know how long my hair will be once it's twisted. I hate the thought of having extra short hair. But it is just hair. And if I hate it, I can always cut it again and grow it back out. Not a big deal right.
I don't know.
I have loved locs since I was little. And I am not being "lazy". I don't think locs are the easy way out. but I want natural hair but I keep wearing braids. It just makes sense right. I think I'd look good, right?!?


  1. i remember bein soo mesmerized by goapele's beauty when i saw her perform in toronto one year. i say u do it!

  2. I mean, I'm no hair scholar obviously, but I AM all about ventures...I say go for it. Won't know how it'll go till you give it a shot, right?

  3. you would look so dope with locks!!! I say go for it.