Tuesday, March 24, 2009


It's been a since I have enjoyed a female girl group. But Electrik Red. What can I say? I am not even going to lie, I was hating HARD. I first saw them on 106 and Park and they premiered their video "So Good". The video is wack. Straight up. And they are Canadian. And we all know how Canadians are. LOL. So I didn't bother really listening to the song but I do remember saying to myself "this is some 90s shit". Later on that week, I heard the joint on the radio. Let me just say, I enjoyed it. So now I am like who are these chicks?!? Well I researched some. Found some other songs by them ("ya'll don't fuck us, n*gga we fuck you). WOW. Okay so I am a fan. I just wanted to share my favorite video by them (thus far) because I am digging the bathroom scene. These bitches are hot.

Electrik Red Featuring The Dream "Drink In My Cup"


  1. "And we all know how Canadians are. LOL"

    no, tell us, we are dying to know g.a.l

  2. do I NEED to tell you? but just to state the obvious, Canadian RnB singers never pop in the states. So I am not expecting too much out of this group. I don't mean that in a bad way, it's actually quite sad.

  3. I think only two of these girls are Canadian and pretty certain they are living in LA. As far as Canadian R&B there is Tamia, Debra Cox but other than that the Jully Black and Devine Browns don't go anywhere. Melanie Fiona will hopefully be the exception.