Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 Resolutions Revisted/2009 Ones Made

I did HORRIBLE this year! I mean, I did good but I did not really achieve any of my goals. Let's revisit them:

1. To pay off my Discover Card (got this idea from Danny really...I kept thinking about it but he motivated me secretly) NOPE. LOL. I did manage to cut it in half tho. So that's good.

2. To find a dope apartment with hard wood floors. I can't keep carpets clean NOPE. This is funny because I was planning on getting a new place if I got my new job BEFORE my lease was up. However, I didn't know until it was too late so oh well.

3. To finish these school applications umm...nope.

4. To be more positive Okay this happened. I am more positive now.

5. To travel more Nope. LOL. I did spend more time with my family if that counts for anything.

6. Finish my book I didn't even touch my book this year. I just realized this. Did a year literally fly by without me even looking at it once? Apparently it did and I am shocked at myself.

So okay moving forward to 2009. Setting new goals. As you know I am all about prayer list. Even if you aren't religious, writing things down will help to motivate you I believe. Especially if you make out a list, and place it somewhere you will always see it, that way you will be constantly reminded of what you need to do. And as you achieve your goals, you can mark them off your list. that makes you feel good.

So 2009...

* Get a passport (I never had one, never needed one)

* Get my credit right (so I can get my house in 2010)

* Travel more (I really will do this LOL! hopefully)

* Reduce my debt (the whole credit thing)

* Spend more time with my grandma

That's it. It's really simple this year. I don't want much because I set goals for myself a few months ago and I am working on those.

that is all.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Prayer List

I got the idea of a "prayer list" from an episode of "Run's House". I thought about it for a moment, but then dismissed the idea. Then, while talking to my boy, he mentions how people can cast spells by writing stuff done. Not so much evil, or witchcraft. But when you make a list, you put that out into the universe that this is what you want to happen.
So a few weeks ago I decided that in the next 14 months, I need my life to get right. I feel as though I am stuck in a rut and it's getting annoying now. I want MORE out of my life. So I said f*ck it, I am going for it. So I made a prayer list and told God all that I hoped for and wanted to achieve by the time I was 30.
Well, let me tell you....PRAYER LIST WORK. Ever since I wrote everything down, I have been focused. It actually motivated me to do better. So I focused and you know what, I am starting to check things off the list.
I got a new job on Friday. I was praying for this job for a while. I felt that I was perfect. Apparently they did too. They wanted me for the day they interviewed me but the state requires them to go through hoops. Since I already work for the state, they were only allowed to offer me 15% more than what I get now. I am happy for it because it actually puts me at the amount I was hoping to get. They want to give me more! But it's all good. I am not greedy. This was what I wanted and I got it.
So now I am a project coordinator for an afterschool intervention that focuses on health and self esteem of inner city African American girls. I am so excited. This is a great opportunity. It means I can buy my Coach bag now! LOL.
I also have been working at ChaCha too as a part time job. It's pretty cool and its all online. I get paid decent and it's money to go to eliminate my debt.
So again, I am sooo focused.
Life is good and getting better.